Fifa: cheats may target England

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Fifa's security chief has warned that not even the Premier League is immune to match-fixing. Football's world governing body will open a hotline for whistleblowers next month and has promised an amnesty to players or officials who offer evidence of fixing.

Chris Eaton, a former Interpol officer working for Fifa, told CNN: "No league, not even the Champions League or English Premier League, is immune. But it is not something Fifa alone can solve and that governments across the world need to work together to fight back."

Eaton added that there was "anecdotal evidence" that some players had been killed and others had committed suicide due to match-fixing. "We are very concerned about the safety of players and officials," Eaton said. "There is anecdotal evidence that some players have been killed. We have evidence of players in South Korea committing suicide because of the shame of match-fixing. There are players who pay the ultimate price for resisting or for the shame of it."