Five people held in Vieira gas raid

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French police were yesterday holding five people suspected in the robbery of Patrick Vieira's home while the France and Juventus midfielder and his family were knocked out by gas.

Burglars took jewels and a Mercedes from Vieira's home near Cannes late on Saturday, police said. Five people suspected of involvement in the theft were arrested in Nice yesterday morning. The car, with British plates, was found in Nice on Sunday.

Gas was pumped into the house to keep the Vieiras asleep - but after a health check, the midfielder was back in training with the France World Cup squad.

His wife Cheryl and daughter Cheries were both recovering at home, and police said there should be no long-term medical effects of the drugging.

"There was a break-in at Mr Vieira's home, during which jewellery was stolen," a police spokesman in Cannes said. "The burglars then escaped in Mr Vieira's Mercedes."

The car was found abandoned along the coast in Nice, and police said there was no evidence that the thieves had deliberately targeted the Vieira family.

In Italy, the goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, preparing for next month's World Cup finals, was due to speak to investigators yesterday as part of a probe into match-fixing. Buffon is not under investigation and was there as a "person who may be informed of the facts".

The controversial magistrate who has come out of retirement for the investigation said he was not a football fan and had been to a stadium only once in his life.

Francesco Borrelli, 76, who headed the "Clean Hands" investigations into political corruption in the 1990s, said . "I've never had anything to do with football. I'm not a fan of any team."