Floating footballs: Is this a glimpse of what to expect at the 2014 World Cup?

The Maracana, the flagship stadium for next year's tournament in Brazil, has been flooded

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There are serious concerns about the flagship stadium for the 2014 World Cup after Fifa inspectors had to be turned away from The Maracana this week due to flooding.

Parts of the construction site and some equipment for the venue for the 2014 World Cup Final were virtually submerged after heavy rain fell in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

While the organisers of next year's tournament have played down the seriousness of the incident, a match in Kazakhstan has provided a glimpse of what the world's greatest players might have to deal with when they descend on the carnival country in a year's time.

The video below shows a pitch which is suffering from heavy flooding, and despite the best efforts of an irrigation truck in the background, taking corners proves particularly difficult...