Footballer bitten by police dog during match then taken to hospital for rabies shot

The Brazilian striker took a bite to the arm

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A footballer was taken to hospital last night after being bitten by a police dog during a first-division match in Brazil.

Democrata striker Joao Paulo was bitten on his left arm by a police dog after running out of bounds during his side's game with Tupi in the Minas Gerais state regional championship.

After going out of bounds behind the goal, Paulo fell to the floor close to the canine. Whilst the dog was on a leash the police officer holding it could not pull it back in time to stop the attack.

Paulo was able to return to the match after doctors wrapped his arm in bandages but Democrata said that he was taken to a hospital immediately after the game to receive an anti-rabies vaccine. To make matters worse for Paulo his side lost 1-0 as well.