Four nations want 2011 tournament

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Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have agreed to take part in a Four Nations Tournament which could become part of the football calendar from 2011.

The Scottish Football Association revealed discussions earlier this week with their Welsh, Northern Irish and Republic counterparts had been productive.

Fixtures already in place for the next two-and-a-half years prevented the tournament being added to the international schedule in the near future.

However, plans to play Four Nations matches in February and May in future seasons were given the go-ahead, with the games in each campaign to be played in the same country and moved between the nations on a rotational tournament-by-tournament basis. Two matches will be played on each match-day, under the plans supported by each of the four Associations.

Although 2011 has not been inked in as a definite start date, there is enthusiasm on the part of each nation to launch the competition.

It was hoped England would also be involved, however they do not feature in the latest plans.

England competed in the Home Nations Championship which was abolished in 1984, on the 100th anniversary of the tournament which initially also involved Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.