Gallery: The top five scariest Premier League footballers carved into pumpkins for Halloween

Who comes out on top in a poll of the scariest footballers of all-time?

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Ever wondered who the scariest Premier League footballers on the field have been over the years? Well wonder no longer as the top five scariest footballers have been named in a poll, and had their faces carved into the front of a pumpkin in the true Halloween spirit.

Betting company Betfair carried out the poll by asking 1000 males who they felt were the scariest looking stars of the Premier League over the years.

Leading the way was former Wimbledon bad boy Vinnie Jones, with 43 per cent of his vote coming from the North-East – perhaps fans are still hurt by his treatment of Paul Gascoigne’s crown jewels – but he’s joined in the list by Roy Keane, Duncan Ferguson, Luis Suarez and John Terry.

It seems the older days of the Premier League were much scarier than today’s current crop of players, with Suarez and Terry receiving just 5 per cent and 4 per cent of the vote respectively. Former Manchester United captain Keane, fresh from his thrashing in Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography, fends off former Everton forward Ferguson for second place with 21 per cent of the vote, compared to the 14 per cent secured by the Toffees favourite.

To mark the occasion on Halloween eve, pumpkin carver extraordinaire Dave Finkle carved the five faces into separate pumpkins, although you’d be wise to avoid asking any of the real players “Trick or Treat” tomorrow night.


The research was commissioned by Betfair and carried out by One Poll, among 1000 males aged 18-54.