Goalkeeper Maximo Banguera pretends to be unconscious to try and avoid a red card during Copa Libertadores

He got sent off anyway...

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Football players will try all sorts of different things to try and avoid getting in trouble with a referee.

But Barcelona Sporting Club's Maximo Banguera may have taken it a step further than has been scene before.

Playing in the Copa Libertadores - the South American Champions League - against Colombian side Atletico Nacional the goalkeeper rushed out to try and clear a long ball, but could only take down the striker, almost 30 yards from goal.

It may have been in the 90th minute but the score was still 1-1. Rather than face the consequences from referee Enrique Osses, Banguera pretended, very unconvincingly, to have been knocked unconscious.

Mr Osses was having none of it and waited patiently, with his red card in hand, for Banguera to continue.


It only got worse for Barcelona, as they conceded a 95th minute goal from Luis Ruiz to lose 2-1.