Hector Bellerin confirms that he is the fastest player at Arsenal...but Theo Walcott is aiming for his title back

The Spanish youngster is the sprint king at the Emirates

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Hector Bellerin has confirmed that he is currently the fastest player at Arsenal, but Theo Walcott is gunning to win his title back.

Last August, Walcott let slip that the Spanish right-back had broken his club record in the 40m sprint.

"It was really unexpected," Bellerin told The Telegraph. "I worked a lot on my speed and power with the conditioning coach last year. The work that you don’t see, in the shadows, really shows on the pitch. We were just having a test and then they told me I was the fastest at the club. I did not beat it by that much. There was a bit of banter and he is trying to beat me now."

Bellerin, 20, had shaved one hundredth of a second off Walcott's time, but the England winger is aiming to win his title back in the summer.

"Did he have the wind, was it downhill?" Walcott asks. "We’ll wait until the summer and the perfect conditions like he had."

First-choice right-back Mathieu Debuchy is set to return from injury to face Burnley on Saturday, but Bellerin says he is happy getting as much experience he can at the moment.


"Every single minute you play helps you a lot and gives you experience," he says.

"I am happy that now, after not so good performances in the beginning, the coach has still put confidence in me and given me minutes. The chances always come through injuries, which is not a nice thing. Now we are going to have Debuchy back and I am happy for him, but when you get your chance, you need to do the best you can. I have done my best to take this opportunity."