"He's gone mad!" - Leonardo proposes to girlfriend Anna Billo live on Italian television

The Paris St Germain sports director surprised his girlfriend by asking her to marry him following today's Champions League draw

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Paris St Germain sports director Leonardo surprised his girlfriend, Sky Italia presenter Anna Billo, by asking her to marry him live on air following today's Champions League draw.

Billo, presenting Sky's Italian coverage of the draw in Switzerland, was discussing PSG’s upcoming quarter-final with Barcelona with Leonardo and before asking him if he had any questions for the panel in the studio.

The opportunistic former Brazil midfielder, seized his chance and surprised a visibly embarrassed Billo by asking: "Anna, do you want to marry me?"

Undeterred the 43-year-old, who already has a son with Billo, pressed on, much to the amusement of everyone in the studio.

"Do you want to marry me? You have to answer me now. I'm waiting for your answer. It's not that difficult," he said.

A shocked but smiling Billo managed to reply: "OK... We'll see."

However as the programme cut to an ad break, the 36-year-old’s microphone remained on and she said: "He's gone mad."

It seems Paris truly is a city of romance because five years ago, then France coach Raymond Domenech did a similar thing, bizarrely proposing to French TV presenter Estelle Denis during a live interview minutes after his side had been knocked out of Euro 2008.