'I don’t like Twitter, I don’t like Instagram' - but why does Arsenal legend Thierry Henry disapprove of social media?

The former Gunners' striker says there  is a 'minus 120%' of him joining social media after he admits he is happy in his 'old school' ways

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Arsenal’s leading goalscorer of all time Thierry Henry has admitted he does not approve of social media sites such as Twitter and Instragram, as he does not understand why people use it.

While claiming he does respect such sites, the Frenchman stressed his dislike of them even though it brings fans closer to their footballing heroes. The former Gunner, who currently turns out for Major League Soccer side New York Red Bulls, maintained that he has no desire to join any social media websites due to his “old school” ways.

Speaking to www.goal.com at the Puma evoPOWER boot launch, Henry addressed whether he had any plans to join the masses on Twitter and Instagram.

“Zero interest,” the Arsenal legend admitted. “Minus 120%, whatever you want to put. I don’t like Twitter, I don’t like Instagram, I don’t have a Twitter [account], I don’t have an Instagram.

“You can find a lot of pages of me there and it’s not me. I don’t see the point. I’m very old school like that. That’s why you guys are here. I can talk about it so you can write, I don’t need to have Twitter.

“You can relate to what I’m saying about whatever, you know, old school. For me it’s good, I like it when I speak to people face to face, I’m here looking at you.

“I have never understood it. I don’t understand all that Twitter, Instagram thing. I don’t really get it. But I respect it.”

A number of Arsenal players, including Jack Wilshere, Lukas Podolski and Mesut Özil, regularly use the site, although a whole host of players have found themselves in hot water by tweeting inappropriate or rude comments.