James Lawton: Cesc Fabregas could take care of business for Manchester United


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It is a little soon to nominate the signing of the new season but there is not much doubt, at least not here, about the one which would be filled with the sweetest promise.

Cesc Fabregas and Manchester United have all the potential of a dream ticket.

David Moyes knows that he inherits some formidable strength from his predecessor and old mentor Sir Alex Ferguson, and not the least of it is a superb capacity to produce optimum levels of performance when it matters most. This is a superb tribute to the ethos Ferguson created at Old Trafford all those years.

However, no one could claim that Moyes has been left a midfield to properly compete with those of Chelsea, Manchester City and, if Gareth Bale stays put, Tottenham. Michael Carrick is a player of much virtue and impressive consistency but Fabregas is of a different order. He left Arsenal with much unfinished business. How ironic, after his frustrations back home in Barcelona, if he should get it done for Manchester United.