James Lawton: John Aldridge still shows the courage of his convictions


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Many years ago John Aldridge, a Liverpool striker of formidable application, delivered a stunning riposte when it was suggested that he was wrong to question the value of playing football in the wake of the Hillsborough tragedy.

“How many funerals did you attend this week?” was the response to his adviser.

Plainly the years have done nothing to dissipate the strength of his convictions.

He was particularly strong this week on the perceived disloyalty of Luiz Suarez, saying: “The fans have been loyal, the manager’s been loyal, his comrades have been loyal and the hierarchy have been loyal. They’ve done everything in their power to back him up and basically he’s put a custard pie in everyone’s face.”

Someone will now point out that football has changed, as if John Aldridge, loyalist and troubled mourner, didn’t know.