Jesus Christ plays for Chelsea - that's what one in five children thinks

Survey finds many kids believes the Son of God plays for the Blues

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Chelsea have made some star signings over the years but this one would trump the lot - that of Jesus Christ.

However, even with all his roubles, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich won't be bringing the Son of God to Stamford Bridge. But a survey has found that 20 per cent of kids think he already plays for the Blues.

A total of 1,000 children were asked the following multiple choice question as part of a survey for Brent Cross Shopping Centre: Who is Jesus Christ? a) A footballer for Chelsea b) Son of God c) TV presenter d) X Factor contestant or e) An astronaut

Apparently, 20 per cent of the children asked at a shopping centre in Brent Cross went with option a).

Even if Jesus was available in the transfer market, one suspects Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, who styles himself as the 'Special One', might feel uncomfortable about being upstaged by such a star name.

Manchester City player Jesus Navas



It might be possible the children confused Jesus Christ with Jesus Navas, who plays for Manchester City.