Jimmy Bullard angles for a new job following retirement


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Once professional footballers would retire to open a pub. Later, most had too much money to need to do anything. Now, the recently retired Jimmy Bullard could be setting a new trend, by aiming to turn pro in a different sport.

The former Fulham and Hull player, known for his pranks, leapfrogs and sense of humour, is a keen member of the highly-rated Daiwa Dorking fishing squad and has given an interview to the Angling Times about his future plans.

"I guess I should look for a real job, I would love to fish full time," he says, adding, "I could easily fish four times a week.

"If I'm privileged enough to get a job in angling, that would be great." If he proves a success, other angling soccer stars such as Chelsea's John Terry or QPR's Bobby Zamora, who once caught a 38lb 12oz carp, might follow suit.

Soon, angling judges will have to watch out for over-elaborate celebrations when ever anyone reels one in.