Jose Mourinho becomes 'the Transparent One' for Sambuca commercial

The Chelsea manager appears (sort of) in the advert on Italian TV

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Jose Mourinho was once 'the Special One'. Upon his return to Chelsea last summer, he rebranded himself 'the Happy One'. But to help sell Sambuca in Italy, he has yet a new moniker.

In a commercial being aired on Italian TV, the former Inter Milan manager provides the voice over for an imaginary press conference. The Portuguese manager doesn't actually appear in the advert though - that's because he's 'the Transparent One'.

The commercial is a play on the apparent attributes of Molinari Sambuca, which is completely clear.

You can watch the commercial below.

Mourinho is hugely respected in Italy after delivering the treble, which included the Champions League, during his stint with Inter Milan. He moved on to Real Madrid after the San Siro before returning to the Premier League last summer.