Kick It Out to launch app to make reporting of abuse easier for fans

The new services will be available for the start of next season

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The Kick It Out campaign are introducing a new initiative to make it easier for football fans to report abuse at matches next season.

Kick It out, who campaign for equality and inclusion in football, are set to launch the Football Fans' Guide to Reporting Abuse and Discrimination and a free app which aims to make it easier for fans to report instances of abuse and discrimination at matches.

The new services will be available for the start of next season and were launched after a survey of over 5,000 fans revealed that 47% of supporters were unaware of how to report abuse.

"The majority of football fans have told Kick It Out they want action to get rid of discrimination at all levels of the game," said Kick It Out director Roisin Wood.

"These new reporting tools will allow fans to help clubs and the relevant authorities target instances of discriminatory behaviour more consistently while maintaining healthy and vocal rivalries.

"Over the past 20 years, the campaign has stayed at the forefront of tackling discrimination with innovative campaigns and we have made real progress, but there is still plenty to do.

"This will go some way in helping responsible fans work with us to make further progress.

"Kick It Out will continue to work with clubs, managers, players, fans' organisations and the governing bodies to help actively promote all reporting procedures."

The Tackling Discrimination survey, which was also supported by the Football Supporters' Federation, Supporters Direct, Level Playing Field and the Gay Football Supporters' Network also showed that 90% of fans support the ejection of abusive fans from football grounds.

"The results of the fan consultation support our view that abusive and discriminatory behaviour at grounds is totally unacceptable," said Football Supporters' Federation chief executive Kevin Miles.

"It is important that the responsible majority of fans have the right help and support to report, and the confidence that something will be done if they do.

"These incidents when the behaviour of the minority crosses over the line are rare, but we're encouraging all football fans to download the free app and read the reporting guide so if they are ever in that situation, they are clear on what to do."