Louis van Gaal's 'dossier', Rafa Benitez's facts and Tiger Woods saying sorry - the weirdest press conferences in sport

Unorthodox press conferences are nothing new

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Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal produced a series of diagrams to help him prove that his side had not become a 'long ball team' this week.

The rather unorthodox approach to proving his point raised a few eyebrows but the Dutchman isn't the first to have sprung a surprise of sorts in front of the assembled media.

Some of the great names in sport, from Rafa Nadal to Tiger Woods, have left the media lost for words during press conferences. So in light of the Van Gaal episode we look back at some other memorable storm-outs, tearful retirements and bizarre apologies from the world of sport.


Which do you think was the strangest press conference of all? Are there any others that should have been included? Let us know in the comments below.