Manchester City player Natasha Harding gets whacked in the face by stray football, own club revels in incident

It really wasn't a good day for Natasha Harding

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You've just missed out on the league title and then this happens.

Natasha Harding was giving an interview following Manchester City's final match of the season, that despite winning, left them just short of the FA Women's Super League title which instead went to Chelsea.

Not only did the Wales international get walloped in the face by a stray football during the post-match interview, but her own club seemed to revel in the hilarity of the incident by creating a brilliant Vine and then posting it on their official Twitter feed.


Harding appeared to take the tweet well despite footage of her bad luck being shared on an account followed by 2.72 million people.


Manchester City finished the season two points behind Chelsea. City won 2-0 against Notts County on the final day, but they needed Chelsea Ladies to lose to stand a chance of winning the title. However, Chelsea Ladies thrashed Sunderland Ladies 4-0 to claim the Super League for the first time. 


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