Manchester United and Chelsea among Premier League clubs to fall foul of food health checks


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Mice, uncooked chicken and out-of-date turkey are just some of the hygiene nasties that health inspectors have discovered at Premier League football grounds.

The two most recent environmental reports on clubs in the top tier of English football have revealed some surprising findings. An inspection of Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium revealed that the club has previously had to deal with the presence of rodents. The report, which also found a broken tap and flaking pipework, instructed United to "continue to monitor and react to the mouse activity".

Chelsea were criticised for almost serving "cooked turkey saddles" that were out of date. They were warned that this was a "serious contravention" of hygiene laws. Health chiefs also expressed concerns about the selling of stockpot and several frozen steak and mushroom pies that were not labelled correctly. A follow-up inspection did find action had been taken and noted hygiene had become "generally excellent".

The information was obtained through Freedom of Information requests.