Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson against the introduction of netting

Red Devils defender Rio Ferdinand was struck by coin during Manchester derby

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson does not believe nets are required at football grounds to preserve the safety of players.

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has expressed his concern at the coin-throwing incident during last week's Manchester derby that left Rio Ferdinand nursing a cut close to his eye.

Taylor believes the introduction of nets, which are used in other parts of the world, are the only solution.

However, Ferguson does not believe such a move would be the right answer.

And, aware his own club were in the spotlight three years ago when Craig Bellamy was struck during a derby encounter at Old Trafford, Ferguson wonders whether more vigilant stewarding within grounds would be a better way forward.

"We've seen netting behind goals in some grounds but I'm not so sure," said Ferguson.

"There have been a couple of occasions (in addition to last Sunday).

"It happened in our game at Chelsea and it happened in the derby.

"But it's not a consistent thing and I think stewarding is a better policy."