Mario Balotelli recreates Cristiano Ronaldo's weird Ballon d'Or celebration after scoring a goal on Fifa

Balotelli may not have scored for Liverpool in the Premier league, but at least he's still celebrating Fifa goals in comical fashion

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Rejoice! For Mario Balotelli has finally scored. No, not for Liverpool, nor even for Italy, but for Real Madrid on Fifa.

Strictly speaking, Balotelli actually scored while playing as Cristiano Ronaldo on the Xbox game (his controllers on the mantelpiece clearly show he’s not a Playstation man) but that didn’t stop the entertaining-yet-controversial striker making fun of the recently crowned Ballon d’Or winner.

Balotelli and his fellow footballer Desmond N’Ze were keeping themselves entertained with a game of Fifa when the predictable happened…Ronaldo scored. However, Balotelli filmed the celebration, showing a sheepish N’Ze before turning the camera on his own face.

Mario Balotelli celebrates a goal on Fifa in Cristiano Ronaldo style

Without a moment’s hesitancy, Balotelli quickly let rip a celebratory “CHOOOOO”, or “SIIIIII”, or whatever the noise was that Ronaldo elected to produce when he picked up the Ballon d’Or award during Friday’s award ceremony in Zurich.

Watch the video below...


He posted the video to his Instagram account which garnered over 30,000 likes within half an hour. But Liverpool fans might like it more if he started celebrating goals he actually scores rather than the virtual kind, given he is yet to score in the Premier League since his £16m summer transfer.