MLS player booked for taking a selfie with fans during goal celebration

A celebration for our time did not impress the referee

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It's almost surprising that it hadn't happened before, but the selfie trend extended to celebrating a goal last night.

Dom Dwyer of Sporting Kansas City scored in the MLS match against Chicago Fire before heading suspiciously deliberately for a photographer by the side of the pitch.

Dwyer was handed a mobile phone which he then took over towards the crowd before snapping a picture of his own delighted face with whooping Kansas fans in the background.

If there was any doubt the stunt was pre-planned, the speed with which it ended up on Sport Kansas City's official Twitter account ended it.


While most of those inside Sporting Park appeared to enjoy the celebration, the referee was not one of them. Dwyer was booked for his 'excessive' celebration in the 1-1 draw.

Watch the selfie moment below...


And see the whole incident, including the goal...


Dwyer's efforts certainly make it into our collection of greatest celebrations...



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