Mourinho ready to lead England with his heart

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Jose Mourinho has refused to rule himself out of the running to one day become England coach but believes the job is better suited to an Englishman. "I feel that national teams are for national people," the Chelsea manager said in an interview with Time Out magazine. "To do it for your own country must make it feel so different. I would like to go with the Portuguese national team with the Portuguese flag, leading my country. But if I stay here for the next five years I will feel even more English. So I could do it in a professional way and also with my heart."

Mourinho also said that retaining the Premiership and winning the Champions' League would not dampen his enthusiasm at Chelsea and was critical of the stance of the Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, on the Community Shield.

"Alex Ferguson has won the Premiership many times but ask him now and he wants to win it more than ever. I'm like that. When the new season comes you don't remember what you did in the past, you just want to win again. The first person I heard saying, 'I've won before so I don't want to win again' was Wenger after the Community Shield. He said, 'I've won it four times so I don't care.' That's the only time I've ever heard that."

Mourinho also took another swipe at Wenger by giving his prediction for this season's Premiership top five, believing Arsenal will slip to fourth behind, in order, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool, with Tottenham finishing fifth.

When asked who the greatest player he had ever seen was, Mourinho was quick to name Ronaldo. "I saw [Diego] Maradona, Eusebio, [Zinedine] Zidane and [Ruud] Gullit, but I never saw anyone to rival Ronaldo in 1996. Every day I worked with him I was constantly amazed at the things he could do."