Moyes says FA's plead for respect must go both ways

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Everton's manager David Moyes wants the Football Association to show more respect towards players and clubs if they are demanding better standards from within the game.

Having found himself at odds with officialdom over various issues, Moyes has viewed the treatment of fellow clubs by the ruling body this term with disappointment.

Speaking ahead of today's Premier League home match with West Ham, Moyes believes the issue of greater respect in the game is a two-way street.

He said: "It is important that we do all respect referees, but I have said many times that I see many incidents when I do not feel the FA have respect for clubs and the situations that arise.

"Now they seem to want us to stand up and help them, well, it goes both ways. Clubs have made decisions [to appeal red cards] and been told they are frivolous. Almost being told, 'sorry, we do not respect you so don't bother coming to us and asking'.

"There are many times we have asked for the referee to say he has got something wrong and made a mistake but they won't do that. We know they want us to give them respect, well they have to give us respect back also."

Everton once had a poor disciplinary record, but have worked to improved their image in recent seasons.

Moyes added: "Our own discipline is something we have worked to improve on. It is good that we have reduced the amount of cards. It is good that we are being seen as a club that is trying to do things right."