Moyes sues over Rooney's book

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The Everton manager, David Moyes, could sue the England striker Wayne Rooney over claims in his recent book, according to his lawyer. Moyes's solicitors have already started proceedings against the Daily Mail, which published extracts of Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far.

No action has yet been taken against Rooney or the publishers HarperSport, but proceedings are thought to be imminent.

Moyes's lawyer Mel Goldberg said: "Proceedings have been issued against the Daily Mail. Separate action will be taken against the publishers and presumably Wayne Rooney as well because he is the cause of the publication. But at this minute legal proceedings against Rooney have not been issued."

Moyes is particularly upset by Rooney's claims that the Scotsman broke his confidence by leaking details of a personal nature.

"There were several comments," said Goldberg. "The main headline was Rooney claiming that David Moyes forced him out [of Everton] which is not true, and another comment that 'David Moyes was jealous of me', that was not true.

"And there was a comment that David Moyes broke professional confidence by leaking stories which he had been told. That's not true either."