Has Milan Gajic scored the greatest own goal ever?

The Serb will be remembered in footballing folklore for this effort...

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Move over Jamie Pollock, here is the greatest own goal ever scored in the history of football.

On the first day of the new Swiss Super League season yesterday, in the 2-2 draw between St Gallen and Young Boys, Milan Gajic, of Young Boys, put St Gallen 2-1 ahead with this incredible half-volley from outside of the area, thundering the ball past the goalkeeper into the top corner.

It was the best goal Gajic will surely ever score in his career, but unfortunately for him it was into his own net.

Young Boys went on the equalise late on to secure the draw.

The greatest own goal ever scored? Judge for yourselves by watching the video below...

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The joyous St Gallen celebrated their surprise gift with a tweet saying: "Goal of the Month of Gajic! Only "unfortunately" into his own goal! 2:1!"