MUST WATCH: When referees fight back...


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The sight of football players angrily crowding a referee when a decision goes against them is sadly all too familiar a sight.

However in yesterday's Kuwait Premier League match between Al Nasar and Al Arabi, the official in charge decided to take matters into his own hands.

When Al Arabi were quite fairly awarded a last minute penalty, the incensed Al Nasar players swarmed around the referee, pushing and grabbing him.

This referee fought back however, landing a left jab in the face of one player and later a sneaky kick as a melee developed, all the while brandishing red cards - including one to the Al Nasar manager.

Eventually play resumed for Al Arabi to convert their spot kick although the hijinks didn't quite end there as another Al Nasar player saw red for hilariously booting the kick off straight at the referee in a very childish act of revenge.

While unconventional refereeing, it is certainly more interesting than anything Mark Halsey has done since becoming a co-commentator on BT Sport this season.