Neil Warnock: Let's hear it for a big idea that will help out the minnows

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I think Lord Mawhinney has had a great idea. I cannot see what purpose the transfer window serves at all. It only helps a handful of clubs with big squads who can carry loads of players. For clubs like us, operating on a tight budget, the window causes no end of problems. If we get injuries outside the window it's a nightmare. It means managers must choose between stretching the budget at the start of the season to get in enough players to cover for injuries, which can mean having a lack of quality; hoping everyone stays fit; or chasing around trying to get people in on loan, which is not easy. Last season was a classic example. First we had all our strikers injured, then we lost most of our central defenders. You end up playing people out of position which, while they do their best and some adapt really well, in general is no good for them or the team.

Another factor is that Football League clubs can get a cash injection all season from selling players to Premier League clubs, rather than only being able to sell during the window. That can save some clubs from going in to administration.

The window also forces the issue. We sold Ben Watson last January to Wigan. We were always likely to sell him as he was out of contract at the end of this season, but the window meant we had to get the deal done by the end of January, rather than hold on to him a bit longer.

It will also make a manager's life easier. January, and the fortnight leading up to it, is crazy, with agents ringing you all the time.

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