Neil Warnock: Why I'd like to give Styles a red card after those decisions

What I Learnt This Week
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1. I'm still waiting for Rob to say sorry to me

I had to smile at Rob Styles' penalty award for Cristiano Ronaldo. I was probably the only one that understood why he gave it. I remember in Sheffield United's first game in the Premier League, against Liverpool, he gave a penalty after Steven Gerrard jumped over Chris Morgan's leg with no contact made, then mishit his shot. Rob brought it back for the penalty which cost us a win.

When I saw him after the game I was not surprised to learn of a new rule that had come in that afternoon. Having heard, from the TV people, that Gerrard had not been touched, Rob came up with "I gave it for intent". Obviously into telepathic ways is Rob.

What made me smile even more is everybody thinking that the reason he apologised is because he made a mistake. I have my doubts. And when Sir Alex said he admired him for his apology my mind went back to the most obvious penalty I've ever had for me dismissed, at Old Trafford in the same 2006-07 season, with yes, you guessed it, Rob Styles. When Gabriel Heinze chopped down Luton Shelton, everyone knew it should have been a penalty. That would have been interesting as he would have had to send off Heinze, and the pen would have made it 2-1.

I'm still waiting for my apology. All I can hope for now is that I never get him for anything important in the next couple of years. If I do I'm sure there will be a lot of bets placed on the result.

2. Nottingham revives memories of Clough

This has probably been the best week of the season so far for me. We had tough fixtures back-to-back, Ipswich away and Charlton at home. To come away with four points, and beat Charlton for the first time in the league for 13 years was terrific.

I had had a few words after the defeat at home to Plymouth. That was followed by the players having a meeting on their own. What was said obviously worked.

We're at Forest today. I usually get a warm welcome at the City ground, what with being a former Notts County manager. The last time I was in the manager's office at Forest was when Cloughie was there. I never did get around to calling him Brian. Always Mr Clough. We were in the top flight and Forest battered us but we drew 1-1. He could not believe it when I went in there. In fairness, he was full of praise. He knew with the squad we had it was a miracle to get that result. He was always good company. You didn't know what was coming next, a bollocking or praise. You never outstayed your welcome.

I remember after one game there James, my eldest son, went missing. He was quite young then. I found him coming away from the manager's office with about 10 Easter eggs in his arms. I asked, "Where have you been? I've been worried sick". He said, "I've only been with Brian". He said, "You mean Mr Clough". He said, "No. He told me to call him Brian."

3. Farewell Bernard

After that great win on Tuesday night we were up at 5.30am to get the train to Sheffield to pay our respects at the funeral of my old president at Bramall Lane, Bernard Proctor, who passed away last week. He was a wonderful man, and how strange that he and Derek Dooley, who were such good friends, have both departed within a few months. Derek and Bernard were two of the men I admired most. Both will be sadly missed.

4. A loving but unwelcome alarm text

I told you about Amy getting her first phone, a wonderful pink one. As you can imagine she is texting everyone, but I do feel it is a bit over the top when at half-seven in the morning I get a text saying, "Good morning, daddy, I love you" from the next bedroom. At least she can't do text-speak yet so I could read it.

William did ask about getting a phone. We told him he can't have one until he is 10 because that's the law. If anyone sees him I'd appreciate it if you stick to the story.

5. Pompey's late goal was past my bedtime

What is happening to football? At 10 to midnight Thursday I was leaping from my seat and screaming "Get in" as Peter Crouch scored for Portsmouth in the Uefa Cup. Ten to midnight. Surely that can't be right.