Newcastle Fan's Eye View: Outrage at deal with Wonga is a waste of breath. Bring it on


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This news has left me feeling particularly underwhelmed. I neither rejoice nor despair at this deal with a crowd of online usurers.

Frankly, with last summer's pitiful lack of investment in players reflected in last weekend's 3-0 loss to Manchester United by a stretched, injury-ravaged squad in dire need of a right-back and centre-half, I am forced to state there are more things to worry about than the alleged morality of the company sponsoring my team.

Next up, our team go to Wearside; that is occupying more of my thoughts than next season's shirt sponsor. If this deal brings in three new players in January, I'll willingly suspend my disapproval.

In terms of damage to the North-east, I'd imagine the products that rolled from the former Scottish & Newcastle Brewery opposite the ground blighted more lives than Wonga has, thus far. I don't wish to be flippant, but outrage at this deal is simply a waste of breath.

As regards the betrayal of those suffering under the yoke of poverty, or whatever else this deal is supposed to have resulted in, it seems fair to ask just where were the howls in the environs of Bloomfield Road or Tynecastle when Wonga struck deals in the past. If this all means my team can dismantle their local rivals 5-1 in the Cup final, as Hearts did last season, then I say bring it on (even if Hibs are my Scottish team).

Frankly, as a Marxist and a passionate believer in supporter ownership, I can't imagine a situation whereby I would approve of the business practices of any commercial partners, though this old punk would die happy if Rough Trade records would sponsor us.

Ian Cusack edits Toon Talk fanzine

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