Peter Fox trial: Ex-Stoke City goalkeeper 'boasted' about using Deep Heat on young footballers' 'sensitive places'

Former apprentice claims he was abused with a goalkeeping glove by Mr Fox

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Former Stoke City goalkeeper Peter Fox boasted about using Deep Heat on the "sensitive places" of young footballers as a punishment, a court has heard.

John Washington told Preston County Court he recalled Fox bragging about the practice, which he allegedly claims was used on players who got "too big for their boots", during a radio interview sometime between 1986 and 1988.

The claim comes amid civil legal action from ex-Stoke City apprentice George Blackstock, who claims he was held down and abused with a goalkeeping glove during his time with the Potters.

Mr Washington told the court that he came forward "out of duty" after becoming aware of the claims of Mr Blackstock in the local and national press.

He told the court that he could not remember certain details about the interview, but that the mention of Deep Heat - which is used to relieve muscular pain - had left him shocked.

He said: "I can remember Peter saying what he did - 'if any young lad at Stoke gets too big for their boots we put Deep Heat in a sensitive place'.

"I'm sure about the Deep Heat."

Blackstock is claiming damages against Mr Fox and has started legal action against Stoke City.

Stoke City and Mr Fox deny Mr Blackstock's claims.