PFA chief answers critics

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Gordon Taylor, the Professional Footballers' Association chief executive, has claimed the Premier League do not feel homophobia in football is a big issue. Taylor also denied that players had refused to appear in an anti-homophobia DVD, saying none had been asked because the time was not right.

As reported in yesterday's Independent, players and agents had turned down a request by the PFA to take part in a video to spearhead the drive.

Taylor said his organisation felt the best approach would be to involve the whole England team but the Football Association disagreed. "They didn't wish to do that," he explained. "They wanted to look for one player at every Premier League club.

"But the Premier League and the Football League didn't think it was an issue. They didn't think it was a big enough issue [to ask individual players to get involved]."

Taylor continued: "I would imagine that if individual players were asked they hopefully would speak out against it. It is quite mischievous to say players have been asked and refused – players have not been asked."