Poll results: Tottenham winger Gareth Bale is not worth £80m, say readers

We asked you how much the Real Madrid target is actually worth

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Gareth Bale appears to be on the verge of a move to Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti has said the clubs are looking to 'find a solution', every Real Madrid player past and present has been telling him he should come and even Bale himself wants to go.

So all that's left to sort out is the fee.

It's understood Tottenham will only budge if they receive a world record bid - which would have to be in excess of the £80m paid for Cristiano Ronaldo. But is Bale really worth it?

You've been having your say with close to 2,000 people taking part in our poll, and it would appear you think Real Madrid will be paying over the odds if the fee creeps above £80m.

While 30 per cent said the Wales international is worth in excess of £80m, that left 69 per cent of you believing he has a value below the current world record fee.

The highest proportion of votes in the brackets offered were placed in £40m-£60m, with 36 per cent saying this was how much Bale was worth.

16 per cent put his value between £20m-£40m and 17 per cent between £60m-£80m.

For those who felt Bale is worth more than Ronaldo - 16 per cent said the Tottenham winger's worth is between £80m-£100m, while just 14 per cent felt he was worth more than £100m - the latest figure Tottenham are reportedly seeking.

You can see how the votes were divided below...