Radwan Hamed: Player left brain damaged wins case against Tottenham Hotspur

Damages, which could reach £7m, are to be decided next week.

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A High Court judge has ruled today that Tottenham Hotspur breached its duties to a 17-year-old player who suffered cardiac arrest in his first game for the club and was left brain damaged.

Radwan Hamed collapsed during the youth team game in Belgium in August 2006. Unlike Fabrice Muamba, who made a full recovery after suffering a heart attack on the White Hart Lane pitch in 2012, Hamed sustained catastrophic brain damage.

Mr Hamed's father, Raymon, claimed that his injuries resulted from the negligence of Dr Peter Mills, a cardiologist who screened his son, and of the club - through Dr Charlotte Cowie and Dr Mark Curtin, specialist sports physicians it employed.

Damages, which could reach £7m, are to be decided next week.

Mr Justice Hickinbottom ruled the club was 70% liable and Dr Peter Mills, the Football Association's regional cardiologist for South East England, was 30% liable.


A spokesman for Tottenham said: "The club wholeheartedly regrets that a former employee, as adjudged, was remiss in their duties to Radwan.

"This judgment will hopefully now secure the best possible treatment and care for him. The club has been supportive of Radwan and his family over the past 10 years and we wish them well for the future."