WWE star Randy Orton tweets approval of Dundee's 'RKO out of nowhere' celebration

The internet phenomenon has made its way to the Scottish Premiership

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WWE wrestler Randy Orton has tweeted his approval of Dundee players Gary Harkins and Jim McAlister performing his 'RKO' finishing move in celebration after Harkins put Dundee 2-0 up in their 3-1 win at Motherwell yesterday.

Vines of mocked-up images of Orton performing his RKO "out of nowhere" have been all over social media in recent weeks, and Harkins decided to celebrate his goal in tribute to the American grappler.

The celebration was not lost on Orton, who today tweeted "nice celebration", and told Dundee to "work on their form" -  a solid piece of analysis from the man known as the 'The Apex Predator' given that Saturday's win ended a run of four defeats in all competitions for the Dees.