Richard Scudamore e-mails: David Cameron criticises 'unacceptable' comments

Downing Street insists it is for the Premier League to decide on his future

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Prime Minister David Cameron has criticised Richard Scudamore's "unacceptable" behaviour as the Premier League chief executive remains under pressure to resign over his sexist e-emails.

A Downing Street spokesman said Mr Cameron shared the views expressed by sports minister Helen Grant that Scudamore's comments were "unacceptable", but insisted that it was for the Premier League to decide on his future.

He added: "Helen Grant was right to say what she did, I've clearly associated the Prime Minister directly with those remarks. But in terms of staffing decisions at the Premier League, it’s for the Premier League [to decide]."

Mr Scudamore is fighting to keep his job after details of a private conversation in which he made a series of sexist remarks were leaked by his former personal assistant, Rani Abraham, to a Sunday paper.

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The e-mails referred to women in a derogatory terms, contained sexual innuendos, and made jokes about "female irrationality".

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Ms Abraham said she was "humiliated" and "demeaned" by his comments. Asked what she thought should happen to the Premier League boss, she said he should "resign" or be "asked to leave".

The Premier League will consider in a meeting in London today whether Mr Scudamore, who has been at the helm of the League for 15 years, should face disciplinary action over his remarks.

In a statement responding to Ms Abraham's comments, the Premier League said it did not recognise her “characterisation of [its] working environment”, adding that Mr Scudamore has already apologised for any offence caused and the Premier League continues to be fully committed to treating all staff fairly, regardless of gender.”