Robson recovering after tumour surgery

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The former England manager Sir Bobby Robson was recovering in hospital in Newcastle last night after surgeons removed a small brain tumour. The operation went well and the tumour was completely removed, a spokeswoman stated.

The 73-year-old was taken ill while watching Ipswich two weeks ago, and was suspected to have suffered a stroke. Extensive tests revealed a tumour the size of a grape, and he should make a full recovery.

A spokesman for the former Newcastle manager said: "Sir Bobby Robson underwent an operation in Newcastle to remove a small tumour on his brain. The operation went very well and the tumour was completely removed. Sir Bobby is recovering in hospital where he will be attended by his consultants over the next couple of days.

"The Robson family are extremely grateful for the many calls inquiring about his condition. They would appreciate if no more inquiries were directed to the hospital and a further statement will be issued when there is more information."

Sir Bobby has already battled against cancer three times, and earlier this year had a tumour the size of a golf ball removed from a lung. He underwent surgery for bowel cancer in 1992 and a rare skin cancer behind his eye in 1995.