Ronaldo: 'It is my dream to play in the Premiership'

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The Brazilian striker Ronaldo has vowed to follow the England captain, David Beckham, from club to club. The Real Madrid forward also revealed his desire to play in the Premiership and said he would welcome a move to Chelsea.

Beckham has made a huge impression on Ronaldo since teaming up with him at the Spanish club. But there is speculation Beckham will return to England, with Chelsea, rumoured to be his most likely destination.

Ronaldo would be happy to follow him to London, and said: "It is my dream to play in the Premiership and it would be perfect if it was with David. If that place is Chelsea - very good. I will ask for David's opinion. I can't think of anybody who knows more about football in England than him. I can assure you that David and I will play together in the same side for many years to come. I will go wherever he goes."

Beckham's ability to create openings has made him a huge hit with Ronaldo. "When you actually play alongside David you get to see how good he really is," he said. "I have played against him and with him and can say with 100 per cent certainty I would always rather play with him.

"David has so much creativity when the ball is at his feet, he amazes even me.

"I know when he has the ball, unexpected things happen. That's why he is so important."

* Diego Maradona, still in intensive care a week after entering hospital with heart problems, has been taken off an artificial respirator and his heart is working well. "The general condition is stable," said a statement issued by the Suizo-Argentina clinic yesterday. "In the last hours, the use of mechanical respiratory assistance has not been necessary. The outlook is still cautious." Maradona, who led his country to the 1986 World Cup, was rushed to hospital last Sunday.