Smudger Smith: I've wasted time at Old Trafford – Fergie hated it

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In a professional career spanning almost two decades, Simon "Smudger" Smith has played for over 67 clubs. The ultimate utility player, as his pace has diminished, he has reinvented himself time and again, from poacher to holding midfielder, centre-back to goalkeeper. Now that his website has been closed down, we have exclusive access to his weekly column.

The last time Spurs won at Old Trafford the Conservatives were in power, Gary Lineker was the star of Match of the Day and I was listening to Kajagoogoo incessantly. It was Saturday, so well done to AVB and his boys.

Sir Alex Ferguson was not happy with the four minutes of injury time given at the end of the game and branded it "offensive". I don't think it was the amount that bothered Fergie as much as the way people indicated it to him with the backs of their index and middle fingers.

Neither did he enjoy Tottenham's time-wasting tactics and I remember vividly what it's like to have him scream at you when you're taking your time over a throw-in. Seeing as we were one-nil down it is possible that he was correct to hurry me, but I wanted to take my time and make sure I got it right (I didn't).

The fans were obviously frustrated and it's not uncommon to have them get on your back when you play for time. To be fair, the Spurs boys didn't get anywhere near as much stick as the time I took the ball to the corner when defending a lead at Old Trafford. Taking the ball to the flag from a free-kick just outside their box was the right thing to do but I see now that I shouldn't have gone to one of the corners in our own half. Especially as a keeper. With my back to the flag.

Having ditched their plans for Stanley Park to stay at Anfield, I'm hearing that Liverpool are actually reconsidering a move to a new ground. Rumours are they want to move to Carrow Road to aid Luis Suarez who has scored more goals there in 2012 than at Anfield.

Finally I'd like to say congratulations to Europe/America for their Ryder Cup win. They really came through just as I predicted. (Result not known at time of writing.)

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