Something From The Weekend: Katherine Grainger; Chris Martin; London; Mark McGhee; The wedding slogger

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The good

Katherine Grainger

You are probably reading this sitting down, which is appropriate as when it comes to sport that remains what Britons do best. Our rowers led the medals table at the World Championships in New Zealand with Grainger claiming her fifth title to become the country's most successful female oarsperson.

Chris Martin

India's batsmen may have suffered a collective rush of blood to the head, but the fast bowler put a smile upon New Zealand faces in Ahmedabad yesterday. Bowling at high speed he took five wickets to offer the tourists hope of a shock victory in India. Everything's not lost for the world's No 1 ranked side with four second-innings wickets left and a lead of 110, but that depends on how you see the world. Still, it's worth toasting Martin's haul with more than a glass of water.

The Bad


The capital has five sides in the Premier League but managed to gather fewer points this weekend than Doncaster. In fact according to this column's rather shaky maths, of the 16 sides from London taking part in the Premier League, the Championship and the FA Cup the only winners were QPR.

Mark McGhee

The Aberdeen manager is still in a job despite his side having lost 9-0 to Celtic on Saturday, the worst defeat in their 107-year history, a week after having been beaten by St Mirren, the SPL's bottom club.

The Odd

The wedding slogger

Whether Vicente Escobedo dropped to one knee out of romantic intent or simply because he had been beaten black and blue is unclear, but it certainly impressed his then girlfriend now fiancee, Valerie Zarate. The lightweight had just been badly beaten and bloodied by his opponent in New Jersey when he staggered back to his corner, produced a small box containing an engagement ring and popped the question. How could a girl say no after that? And how could he open the box with his gloves on?