Steve Bruce led England to 1966 World Cup glory, Alistair Darling is Scotland's first minister and the 'River Damn' flows through Nottingham

Oldham Athletic defender Connor Brown and assistant groundsman Billy Quarmby haven't painted themselves in the best light after going head-to-head

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Footballers often get criticised for their lack of intelligence, be it a rash challenge, a slip of the tongue, or a moment of madness on the pitch that suddenly earns a reputation they’ll struggle to shake off for the rest of their lives.

But when you claim that Steve Bruce (yes, that Steve Bruce) was England’s World Cup-winning captain in 1966, you deserve all the abuse that comes your way – within reason of course.

Unfortunately for Oldham Athletic defender Connor Brown and the club’s assistant groundsman Billy Quarmby, they don’t come out of the latest Latics’ program very well after going head-to-head in a 10-question quiz.

It doesn’t start well, as a geographical head-scratcher catches them both out as they fail to name the river that runs through Nottingham (Trent, for those of you in the same boat) before neither is able to name Sir Bobby Moore as England’s World Cup skipper from their 1966 triumph.


Current affairs is also a no-go area as neither can identify Scotland’s first minister, although Alex Salmond has since announced plans to resign from his post following the recent No vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

And yet, credit where credit’s due, both get questions right on topics ranging from Speedway to Chesterfield’s nickname.

Let’s just hope England never win the Speedway World Cup.