Supporters review of the season: Bolton

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This season will not live in the memory of one of the most exciting ones in Bolton history.

We have survived a little bit more comfortably than last season, but that's about it! We had a decent run in November when Gary Megson won Manager of the Month with fantastic victories over Sunderland 4-1 and Middlesbrough 3-1, both away from home, but we only got one point out of a possible 36 against the top six and that is disappointing - we need to do a lot better! We were knocked out very early in both cups, so this season has been quite an anti-climax compared to the European adventures of last season. We must do better!

Which team were your best opponents?

Liverpool - both of their games against us, they outplayed us and it was more like a training exercise to them.

Who would you most like your team to sign this summer?

We need a striker as Johan Elmander is not the answer and a defender to partner Gary Cahill at the back - a new manager would be nice (sorry Gary)!!

What was the weirdest/funniest moment of your season?

I can not really think of any weird/strange moment this season apart from Ariza Makakula running into the back of Nemanja Vidic and pushing him to the floor for no apparent reason, as neither he nor Vidic were anywhere near the ball - he got booked for it. And when the Bolton fans starting chanting ‘Brownie's coming home' at Hull to Phil Brown and then started singing ‘Brownie, Brownie give us a wave', he did appear to wave back which didn't go down too well with the Hull fans - only Brownie himself will know if he did wave to us!

Mark out of 10 for the season?

5 out of 10 - Yes, we did survive but we must do better. A lot of people don't like Megson and his style and fans are starting to show this by staying away. Crowd wise, I worry for next season!