Supporters review of the season: Middlesbrough

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Disappointing. Dreadful. Abject. The only scandal is how Gareth Southgate has managed to keep his job.

Continuously clueless, bizarre team selections, weird substitutions, players playing out of position, a lack of a plan B and the team repeating the same mistakes over and over demonstrate that the man isn't up to the job. Added to this was the farcical letter that urged our fans to be quiet during the match and the hierarchy of the club being strangely silent for the majority of the season. This has left the fans feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied. I would be surprised if we get a high crowd at The Riverside next season.

Which team were your best opponents?

West Brom - which says it all (although we made most teams look good). Chelsea hammered us by five. Bolton thrashed us both home and away.

Who would you most like your team to sign this summer?

Cristiano Ronaldo - but let's be honest, it's not going to happen.

What was the weirdest/funniest moment of your season?

The Sue Watson Sssshgate scandal. It was a wry humour after everything else the fans have suffered this season.

Mark out of 10 for the season?