Sylvester Stallone: 'Reading's goal was offside, or whatever'

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That was some experience. The whole day far exceeded my expectations but the cheer when I walked on to the pitch, given that I'm from another country and everything, was just incredible. It was easily the loudest cheer I have ever received.

But then the whole day was great. I knew a little about the city, of course, because of all the music. But it was the first time I had been there - and to go there and see a game was incredible.

I did not know Everton before this - in America you tend to only hear about three or four clubs, so I'd heard of Arsenal, of Manchester United and of Liverpool. Now I realise there are many other clubs in England, and especially what a great club Everton are, with their history and everything.

I went down into the locker room beforehand and met the players and the manager. If Everton have a couple more players - the spirit is there, and they fought back hard, especially given how the Reading goal was so questionable, being offside, or whatever. Although Reading played good as well, of course. I'd hoped it was going to be a six-point turnaround, but it was a great game. My man of the match? It would have to be Johnson.

I'm definitely going back. The weather was incredible - it was like Miami. And yes, I'm an Everton fan now.

Sylvester Stallone was talking to Ian Birrell