Terry Venables: Roy Keane has done the right thing - write what you feel

Keane is often controversial, but at least he shows what's in his heart

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I know Roy Keane has caused a lot of controversy with his latest book this week, but I think he was right: people must write what they feel.

I’ve always got on well with Roy – the last time I saw him was at a Chelsea game, and we spoke for a while – and if you write a book, you have got to be true to yourself. It’s no good just making something up. You have got to show what is in your heart, and what is in your head, and that is what Roy has done.

You have to take Roy warts and all. He was a great player, I remember coming up against him in the 1991 FA Cup final when he was just 19, playing for Cloughie’s Nottingham Forest side.

Throughout his career, he was not just a hard man but a fantastic player. Everyone would have their choice between Keane and Patrick Vieira, but I would have Keane. I felt Keane had better balance, and was more dangerous going forward.


And while Vieira played with determination and a smile on his face, Keane didn’t even smile. He meant business.