The 10 most talked about sporting moments of 2014 on Twitter: World Cup 2014, David Moyes' Manchester United and Arsenal all feature

Sporting events took up eight of the top 10 most talked about moment of 2014, but which talking points make up the sporting year's most memorable occasions?

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It may have finished nearly five months ago, but the World Cup remains prominent in our minds when reflecting on 2014. Unsurprisingly, it’s demonstrated in Twitter’s top 10 sporting moments of the year, with a rather impressive six of those having occurred in Brazil during the summer.

So obviously the World Cup final ranks the highest, right? Wrong.

It was a year to remember for Germany as they secured their first World Cup triumph in 24 years, beating Argentina 1-0 in the final thanks to an extra-time goal from Mario Gotze. Yet the dramatic finale to what was a brilliant tournament was not the most talked about sporting moment on Twitter, and in fact it doesn’t even feature in the top three.

Of course, these results are for Twitter users based in the United Kingdom, and had the results been taken from Germany, it’s likely they would’ve been very different. It’s well worth noting that the top eight most talked about sporting moments actually feature in the top 10 of any moments across Twitter.

So which moment ranked top and managed to trump the World Cup Final? Click on the gallery below to find out.


What was your top sporting moment of 2014? Should there have been more interest in matters outside of football? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.