Touchline tantrums: Arsene Wenger push on Jose Mourinho just the latest spat between managers

The Arsenal and Chelsea managers were by no means the first to lose their cool

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It's no secret that Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho aren't the best of friends.

But then surely both are old enough and wise enough to not let that get in the way of being civil to one another? Or perhaps not.

The Premier League's chief wind-up merchant managed to agitate Le Professeur during Chelsea's latest victory over Arsenal. Perhaps it was Wenger's frustration at his failure to ever beat a Mourinho team that got the better of him, a record that now extends to 12 games.

Or maybe it was this reason, that Wenger offered after the match: "I wanted to go from A to B and somebody confronted me before B without any sign of welcome."

After a challenge on Alexis Sanchez (or B) a riled up Wenger headed in the direction of Mourinho before giving the Special One a shove to the chest.

Afterwards Wenger refused to apologise, whilst Mourinho wasn't too fussed, probably in part due to having just seen his side extend their lead at the top of the Premier League table.

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The incident at Stamford Bridge was obviously not the first touchline tantrum to have ever been seen. In fact, both of these managers have been involved in spats before. Here, we take a look at some of the most memorable incidents.

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