Toulouse demand punishment after fan death

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Toulouse have called for "severe punishment" after one of their supporters died today, two weeks after he was injured in violent clashes with Partizan Belgrade fans.

Brice Taton had been in critical condition in hospital in Belgrade after he was injured, along with another French fan and a Serbian, shortly before the Champions League clash on September 17.

A statement on read: "TFC are in mourning following the announcement of the tragic death of Brice Taton, victim of unspeakable violence.

"Our thoughts go first to his parents in Belgrade, his family, his friends, his Forza Viola partners and all the family that are the supporters of Toulouse Football Club.

"It is a time for contemplation. But the time will come when this outburst of violence on the outskirts of sport has to be severely punished.

"Toulouse Football Club will see to it that justice will be done, and will be an unfailing support to Brice's family."

Secretary of state for sports Rama Yade also assured the family that the French government will do everything in their power to ensure that those responsible are punished.

"We will fight against the criminals in sport," she said in a statement. "I call for the strongest severity against those responsible for this murder and draw on the efforts of the Serbian authorities not to leave this crime unpunished."

Since the incident 10 people have been arrested and currently face the possibility of 30-40 years apiece in prison.