Triesman deserved to go, says head of League Managers Association

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Lord Triesman showed "very poor judgement" as chairman of the Football Association and England 2018 and should be replaced by someone from the world of business, according to League Managers Association chief executive, Richard Bevan.

Triesman left the posts on Sunday following the publication of comments he made to a friend alleging corruption by Spain and Russia, and Bevan said the former politician had never tried to enlist the LMA's support on any football issue such as the 2018 bid or goal-line technology.

"Lord Triesman never once picked up the telephone to me, he didn't once write to the LMA personally or ask for a meeting to lobby for the views and support of the managers.

"That's very poor judgement in my opinion. If I was the chairman of the FA I would be recognising that managers are powerful voices and would be lobbying them."

Bevan said the Triesman scandal may at least now focus attention on the positives of England's bid. He added: "The media, the stakeholders and the public have started to look closer at the real benefits of bringing the 2018 World Cup to England, and a lot of football people are coming out and supporting the bid."

The FA board meets next Thursday to discuss how to appoint a successor as FA chairman. Bevan said someone with business experience would be invaluable. "My personal view is that I would like to see someone coming from the business world," he said. "You have to look at what the needs of the organisation are and the FA needs good business leadership and communication skills with all the stakeholders from the top to the bottom of the game."