Uefa president Michel Platini wants the World Cup to be expanded from 32 to 40 teams

Platini believes the growth of Fifa justifies the inclusion of more teams, particularly from Africa and Asia

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Uefa president Michel Platini has spoken of his desire to extend the World Cup from 32 to 40 teams

The Frenchman was responding to Fifa president Sepp Blatter's call for Asian and African teams to be better represented at the World Cup.

“I totally agree with Mr. Blatter that we need more African and Asian countries. [But] instead of taking away some European [nations], we have to go to 40 teams in the World Cup,” Platini said.

“We can add two African, two Asiatic, two American and one from Europe. I support this idea totally.”

Platini's idea for 40 teams would see eight groups of five at the World Cup as opposed to the present structure of eight groups of four.

If is possible the move could come in to play for the 2018 tournament in Russia and, according to the former French international, would mean the competition being extended by three days.

“Football is changing and now we have 209 associations,” said Platini, who is expected to challenge Blatter for the Fifa presidency in 2015.

“There are more countries so why reduce? Forty is not so bad.

“You have three days more of competition and you make more people happy.”